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Foundation Fitness was started by Nate Telow as a necessity. While working as the National Director of Personal Training of a large health club chain he noticed many issues with the trainers coming in to train residents at the gym in the luxury high rise building he lived in. Many were very unprofessional, put clients though unsafe workouts, and in some instances they ran off with clients money! Residents would complain, trainers would get kicked out of one building, only to show up at another building and repeat this cycle! It was at that point Nate decided to use his network of great trainers to become a trusted source for buildings and residents in Boston. The goal is to provide great service, total convenience, and a fun experience as clients reach their goals.

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About Us

Nate has an extensive career in the fitness industry including working as the National Director of Personal Training for a large health club corporation with over 70 locations, consultant to gyms, personal training companies, and supplement companies. As the owner of Foundation Fitness, he has provided Boston's best trainers to gyms and high rise buildings for over 9 years. Nate believes in understanding a client's challenges, providing personalized solutions to get to their goals, and making the process simple. Nate has been featured on Boston's Fox 25 and Boston Business Journal.

Outside of fitness, Nate is a professional musician who has performed around the country from groups ranging from wedding and corporate event bands to Steven Tyler

Christine has been involved in a variety of competitive sports from her early years of childhood through high school, so athleticism has always run through her blood. However, during her first year of college she found herself immersed in work and had become otherwise sedentary. For a former athlete, getting winded walking up four flights of stairs to the cafeteria one day was traumatizing. It was then that she began researching nutrition and weightlifting in her spare time, and putting a greater focus on her health. When she realized her passion for not only her own fitness but for helping others to reach their goals, she redirected her career path to do just that.

Christine has since become certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as both a Personal Trainer and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and is currently pursuing her B.S. in Exercise Science at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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