Training Spotlights

• TRX Suspension Training TRX Training Sessions
TRX Suspension Training exercises build total body strength, balance, flexibility and core stability for people of all fitness levels
• Dallas Bootcamps Dallas Bootcamps
Bootcamps are available Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week covering every fitness component from cardio endurance to strength, agility, balance and flexibility.

About Coach Rick

Personal Trainer Rick WilliamsCertified Personal Trainer

Rick Williams’ degrees and certifications are numerous, but it is his passion, focus, commitment, leadership and experience that allow him to get the most out of people. As a collegiate and semi professional basketball point guard, Rick is a natural leader and motivator and has been a team captain his entire life. Rick is passionate about teaching, coaching and competiting and still performs at a high level in the sport of racquetball, sponsored by Ektelon, participating in national racquetball tournaments all across the U.S.

Coach Rick chose to become a personal trainer and coach to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Rick has worked with athletes at every level including professional basketball players and also spent some time as the Head Women's Tennis Coach at Southern Methodist University. Rick can formulate the perfect training program to fit any client's goals whether they are trying to lose weight, build muscle, gain strength, get faster, tone muscle, or gain endurance. He has the confidence that anything can be accomplished in life if you work for it; it just takes dedication and hard work.

Through commitment, connecting and conditioning, Rick empowers his clients to transform their lives and achieve great results. His philosophy incorporates a holistic approach to performance. He believes one must be aligned physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to maximize full potential. Rick incorporates all of these principles into his daily life and work.

Rick's approach to improving one’s physical conditioning is through his functional fitness approach. He trains his athletes and clients to become strong, powerful, fast, flexible and balanced. Coach Rick continually motivates and encourages his clients to live a healthier lifestyle to fulfill a more abundant life through stress reduction, an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Coach Rick is also a competitive racquetball player Rick Williams is currently sponsored by Ektelon Racquetball Rick continues to fuel his competitive spirit and active lifestyle through the sport of racquetball, competining in local, state and national racquetball tournaments throughout the year.

Our Training Philosophy

We believe in movement! We want you to be able to experience life to its fullest. We want you to be functional and able to adapt to any given situation.